Current State of ICT - Learning Activity 1 and Quiz 1

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Current State of ICT - Learning Activity 1 and Quiz 1

Mon Jun 03, 2019 11:06 am

Learning Activity 1

Which of the following is a native application?
c. Microsoft Outlook

At home, Dad's laptop is the only device with direct Internet connection. He shares it to other members of the family via Wi-Fi,which you connect to using your phone.. In this scenario, Dad's laptop is a _____.
a. Server

Real-time, ubiquitous, and machine learning are the defining elements of _____
c. Web 3.0

_____ is a generation of the Internet when websites were mostly static
a. Web 1.0

Which of the following is NOT true about Cloud-based services?
a. Subscribing to cloud-based services is more expensive than building your own programs and buying your own servers.

Short Quiz 1
The computer that does a task for another computer is called_____
d. Server

You used your smartphone to access Yahoo mail and send an email. In this scenario, your smartphone is a _____
d. Client

Which of the following is TRUE about Cloud-based services?
a. Some cloud-based services can be used for free

A Web 3.0 characteristic in which users are always connected to the Internet.
b. Ubiquitous

The URL and design of a website's homepage changes depending on the preferences of the current user. This website is _____
b. Dynamic

Computers can create data and make decisions based on the user's actions through _____
d. Machine Learning

_____ are programs that are directly installed in a computer or device
d. Native applications

In our lesson, we visited the website of which movie
d. Space Jam

_____ websites encourage user participation by allowing them share videos, music, articles, etc.
c. Web 2.0

The cloud enables people in different locations to work on the same project. This enables _____.
b. Better collaboration

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