Chapter 3: Excel 2016 Essentials Training Page & Chapter 4: Excel 2013 Power Shortcuts - Quiz #2: Excel

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Chapter 3: Excel 2016 Essentials Training Page & Chapter 4: Excel 2013 Power Shortcuts - Quiz #2: Excel

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Chapter 3: Excel 2016 Essentials Training Page
Topics include:
-Working with the Excel interface
-Entering data
-Creating formulas and functions
-Formatting rows, columns, cells, and data
-Working with alignment and text wrap
-Adjusting rows and columns
-Finding and replacing data
-Printing and sharing worksheets
-Creating charts and PivotTables
-Inserting and deleting sheets
-Using power functions such as IF and VLOOKUP
-Password-protecting worksheets and workbooks
-Sorting data
-Analyzing data with Goal Seek and Solver
-Creating and running macros

Chapter 4: Excel 2013 Power Shortcuts
Topics include:
-Entering a data series using the fill handle
-Creating hyperlinks
-Setting a print area
-Applying a table style
-Creating substitute data sets using scenarios
-Wrapping and shrinking text
-Creating a data entry form
-Removing duplicate values
-Inserting the current date or time
-Generating a list of unique random numbers
-Calculating running totals
-Analyzing a formula for errors
-Summarizing data with charts and PivotTables

Quiz #2 - Excel

How do you change column width to fit the contents?
d. Double-click the boundary to the right of the column heading.

Which is not the function of “Edit, Clear” command in Excel?
d. Delete cells

Which Chart can be created in Excel?
a. Pie
b. All of the above (Answer)
c. Area
d. Line
e. Scatter

In excel, Labels are aligned at the ________ edge of the cell.
c. Left

How do you rearrange the data in ascending or descending order?
b. Data > Sort

In EXCEL, you can sum a large range of data by simply selecting a tool button called ______?
d. Auto sum

To return the remainder after a number is divided by a divisor in EXCEL we use the function?
b. MOD ( )

If you have data that runs across five columns, from column A to column E, one way to center a title across the top of the data would be to:
d. Type the data in A1 and Merge cells A1:E1

What will be the output if you format the cell containing 5436.8 as ‘#,##0.00′?
a. 5,436.80

Microsoft Excel is a powerful ___________ package.
a. Spreadsheet package

How do you display current date and time in MS Excel?
e. Now ()

Excel displays the current cell address in the __________.
c. Name Box

How do you display current date only in MS Excel?
a. Today ()

Which function is not available in the Consolidate dialog box in Excel?
e. Pmt

What do you mean by a Workspace in Excel?
b. Group of Workbooks

When you start to select a range of cells in Excel, you will see a thick white, cross shaped pointer called a ________________.
a. Selection pointer

What is the correct way to refer the cell A10 on sheet3 from sheet1?
d. Sheet3!A10

How do you know a range is active in Excel?
a. It is highlighted on the screen

What is the shortcut key to highlight the entire column?
c. Ctrl+Space Bar

Which of the following is an example of a range address in Excel?
c. A1:B3

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