Termination without Notice (UAE LAW 2016)

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Termination without Notice (UAE LAW 2016)

Sun Jul 17, 2016 12:44 pm

Do you Know that there is a Law in which an Employer may terminate
employees without any notice?

Do you know you can be terminated from your service if below written cases
founds in you?
Most of us don't know that we can be fired in some cases where court will
not accept any sort of complaint against Company.
As per Article
120, the owner (Employer, Company) can dismiss the employee
without any notice in the below 10 cases:

Please read cArefully and try to avoid, if founds in you..!

1. If the employee (worker) violates instructions relating to safety in the
place of work, provided those instructions were written and displayed in a
permanent place, and the employee has been informed of these instructions
orally if he is illiterate.

2. If the employee commits a mistake causing the employer a substantial
financial loss, provided the employer informs the Ministry of the incident
within 48 hours.

3. If the employee submitted fake Documents (School/College/University
Degree ,Certificate) or assumes a nationality other than his own.

4. If the employee fails to cArry out his basic duties (work Responsibilities) as
specified in the MOL contract and continues to do so in spite of a written
interrogation & a warning that his service will be terminated if his behavior
remain same.

5. If the employee was employed (appointed) under probation period and the
termination happened during same period (probation) or at its end.

6. If employee discloses (publish) a secret of the Company for whom he is

7. If he/she becomes absent without a authentic reason for more than
twenty intermittent days or more than seven continuous days within 1 year.

8. Employee will be fired if found drunk or intoxicated by drugs during
working hours or caught lewdness, involved in any sort of sexual relation with
company workers during working hours.

9. If he commits a physical assault (attack) on the employer, manager, senior
Employee or one of his colleagues during work.

10. If employee conclusively sentenced by the any UAE court of a crime
involving honor, honesty and public morals.