UAE Ban Rule & Profession Categories (2016)

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UAE Ban Rule & Profession Categories (2016)

Sun Jul 17, 2016 12:38 pm

This Important Article is regarding the new LABOUR LAW for UAE Expats that was announced five months ago, on 1st January 2016.

Before starting please note that this new Rule is based on Mutual Concept/Agreement and the labour ban can be dismissed if the work permit and employment are terminated in mutual agreement between employee and employer.

What is Mutual Agreement?
Employees who deside to terminate or cancel job contract/visa with a permission from their employers(Companies) will be permitted to transfer to other companies (employers), even if they have not completed two years at the present company.

Another Point to be noted that the NEW LABOUR BAN Rule is not for all Professions, there are categories that has been divided in skilled and unskilled Employees.

We have divided professions into 5 Categories and levels.

Please check out below professions who are under NO LABOUR BAN RULE.
Category 1, 2 and 3 are under NO LABOUR BAN RULE with Mutual agreement while Category 4 and 5 Excluded from the New Labour Ban Rule.

Category 1 (Skilled Labours):

1. Manager
2. Engineer
3. Doctor
4. Teacher
5. Accountant
6. Accounts Clerk
7. Marketing Specialist
8. Quantity Survivor
9. Draftsman
10. Pharmacist
11. Administration Officer
12. Executive Secretary
13. Reservation Officer
14. Safety Officer
15. Public Relation Officer
16. Advertising or Graphics Designer etc

The minimum salary for above skilled labours should be 12,000 AED with Attested University Degree.

Category 2 (Skilled Labours):
1. Technical workers
2. Technicians
3. Mechanical Related Professions etc

7000 AED minimum salary along with Post Secondary Education certificates required for Category 2 Labours.

Category 3 (Skilled Labours):
1. Sales Executive
2. Sales Representative
3. Sales Supervisor
4. Site Supervisor
5. Administration Clerk
6. Correspondence Clerk
7. Custom Clearance Clerk
8. Cash Desk Clerk
9. Ticketing Clerk
10. Cashier
11. Receptionist
12. Store Keeper
13. Tourist Guide etc

Secondary Education certificate with minimum 5000 AED salary.

Category 4 and 5 (Unskilled Labours):
1. General Labours
2. Housekeepers
3. Construction Labours
4. Helper
5. Cleaner
6. Loading & Unloading
7. Office Boy etc

IMPORTANT: Category 4 and 5 is not included in NEW UAE BAN RULE , if category 4 and 5 (Unskilled Labours) have not completed 6 months with the first company/employer are exempted from this rule.

Q: If someone is graduated but currently working in 4th or 5th Category, will he face Labour Ban ?
It Depends what's listed on your Ministry of Labour contract and residence visa.
Another option is that he/she should have Attested Certificates from Home Country, UAE Embassy and from MOFA UAE as-well.

Q: My visa printed in 2015, am I free of Labour Ban in 2016?
No, Only applicable to Ministry of Labour contracts that signed after 1st January 2016.