ICT-112 Week 4: Netiquette / Learning Activity 3 & Quiz 3

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ICT-112 Week 4: Netiquette / Learning Activity 3 & Quiz 3

Tue Jun 04, 2019 8:10 pm

Week 4: Netiquette / Learning Activity 3

_____ Netiquette involves a set of rules that are imposed by online groups
a. formal

_____ is the legal right to own an original work
c. Copyright

Reproducing and distributing materials without the owner's consent is called
a. Piracy

Which of the following is an ethical thing to do while commuting?
b. Listen to music using headphones

Which following actions are normally banned in online communities except _____
d. Joking

Week 4: Netiquette / Short Quiz 3
You recorded a song on the radio and sent copies to your friends. What you did is called _____
d. Bootlegging

People who try to cause trouble by posting inappropriate or banned contents and off-topic messages are called _____
c. Trolls

According to the IP Code, how many types of works are covered by copyright protection?
a. 15

If you break the rules of an online community, _____ may revoke your access/membership.
c. Admins

Several members of a forum are a having a heated debate. Eventually, they started posting insults and threats against other members. The debate has escalated into a _____
b. Flame war

Which of the following is not true?
b. Real-life etiquette does not apply online.

The use of strength or power to intimidate someone into doing something that he does not want or to make him feel bad is called ____
d. Bullying

Your mom is calling you during class. In this situation, which of the following is the ethical thing to do?
b. Ask for your teacher's permission to go outside so you can answer the call

Which of the following does not apply to Netiquette?
c. Expect the unexpected

Someone keeps posting cat pictures in a forum about car maintenance. This act is called _____
b. Trolling

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