ICT-112 Week 3: Long Quiz 1

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ICT-112 Week 3: Long Quiz 1

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Week 3: Long Quiz 1

HTML means _____
d. Hypertext Markup Language

A _____ page is about a single topic and can be edited by anyone with the right credentials
b. Wiki

Which of the following does not need human action to spread?
c. Worm

is your alias, which is used by websites to represent your online presence.
b. Username

Programs that can only be accessed using a browser are called _____
d. Web applications

Which of the following is not a malware?
d. Ad blocker

The following are benefits of cloud computing except _____
a. Proficiency

Which of the following is TRUE?
b. Mobile phone apps are native apps because they are installed

_____ websites change appearance and behavior based on users' action
b. Dynamic

Your computer became slow and unresponsive after you opened a file named 100freemp3s.exe. This file is probably a _____
a. Trojan

_____ are apps and websites used by people to interact with one another by sharing information, sending messages, and exchanging ideas
d. Social Media

A computer that does a task for other computers is called a _____
a. Server

_____ is a type of malware that is disguised as a harmless or useful program or file.
a. Trojan

At home, Dad's laptop is the only device with direct Internet connection. He shares it to other members of the family via Wi-Fi, which you connect to using your phone. In this scenario, your phone is a _____.
b. Client

Which of the following is NOT true?
b. A spam is a type of virus

Websites that belong to the Web 1.0 generation were mostly _____
b. Static

People who send unwanted and unsolicited emails are called _____
c. Spammers

Which of the following can be used in identity theft?
a. Address
b. All (ans)
c. Birth Date
d. Full name

Servers are housed in centralized locations called _____
c. Data centers

A Web 3.0 characteristic in which events and information are made available to users as they happen.
c. Real-Time

The name Trojan is derived from a fictional wooden _____
d. Horse

Wiki is derived from the Hawiian work wikiwiki, which means _____
b. Quick

Which of the following CANNOT infect your computer?
d. Spam

Which of the following is NOT true?
b. Google's only server is located in California

Which of the following statements is NOT true?
b. Only your full name can be used as a username.

Which of the following should not be shared with anyone?
a. Password

You had to enter your email address in order to play a free game. A few days later, you started receiving multiple emails with links to other free games and downloads. You have been a victim of ______
a. Spam

_____ is a program that is designed to cause harm to your computer or device
b. virus

Which of the following is NOT true about passwords?
a. Passwords should not be memorized

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