ICT-112 Week 6: Long Quiz 2

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ICT-112 Week 6: Long Quiz 2

Tue Jun 04, 2019 8:14 pm

Week 6: Long Quiz 2

You want to know if classes are suspended because of a storm. Which of the following TLD's is most likely to have the most credible information
b. .gov

You can make an online search by entering your keywords in the browser's _____
b. Address bar

What do you call the unauthorized copying of the material support, labels, artwork and packaging?
b. Counterfeiting

You can check an article's _____ to know if the information that it contains is updated.
a. Publication date

_____ Netiquette is similar to real-world etiquette in the sense that they are not strictly upheld by law but are expected to be followed by everyone.
b. Informal Netiquette

A member of an online community constantly sends messages about products that he is selling. You can report this person for _____.
b. Spamming

Which of the following TLD's is most likely to be used by non-profit groups?
d. .org

REPUBLIC ACT NO. 8293 is also known as _____
a. Intellectual Property Code of the Philippines

______ is harmful because it denies the rightful owners the proper compensation/payment for their work.
c. Piracy

.net stands for _____
c. network

Contents of _____ websites like Wikipedia can be edited by anyone
a. open-source

Netiquette is short for _____
c. Network Etiquette

TLD stands for _____
c. Top-level domain

You copied an essay that you found online and submitted it in an essay writing contest. You have committed _____.
b. Plagiarism

Which of the following is a polite thing to do?
b. Asking permission before taking pictures of other people

.com stands for _____
b. commercial

Anyone can use the following TLD's except _____
d. .gov

Which of the following is true?
a. Safari web browser's address bar doubles as the search bar

_____ is a web browser owned by Apple
c. Safari

Which of these is NOT ok to do while driving?
d. All of these

In which of the following situations is it ok to use your mobile phone?
b. None of these

Which of the following is not a browser?
d. Wikipedia

_____ is bullying that is done using electronic technology.
a. Cyberbullying

Which of the following is not true?
b. A web search engine can't be accessed using Internet browsers

Which of the following is NOT a reason why you should give credit to your sources?
c. To make the author notice you

.gov stands for
a. government

"IP Code" stands for
c. Intellectual Property Code of the Philippines

_____ are multiple accounts used by the same person
b. Sock puppets

Which of the following is against the law?
a. Taking videos in movie theatres

What is the official website of the Intellectual Property Code of the Philippines?
d. ipophil.gov.ph

In Calc, what sign can be seen in the beginning of the formulas?
b. =

In the spreadsheet above, what result will you get if you use the formula =C3-B2
c. 110

What is the name of word processor that we used in this chapter
b. LibreOffice Writer

In a spreadsheet, each box in a table is called a _____.
c. Cell

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