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ATM Marine Colony nitrifying Bacteria honest review!

Posted: Mon Aug 19, 2019 12:18 pm
by Mitch
As advertised, ATM told that in 7 days your aquarium will be cycled. I therefore tried the 50 gallon/189L on bottle label for my 18 gallon tank. I did 100ml per day which Im actually confuse coz in my case it should be 236mL per day however the customer service/operation manager of ATM itself suggested that things are working as plan a 100mL is enough and im actually ahead. I might be cycled sooner so im confident that on the 8th day i will not have reading of nitrites. However, in the morning of 8th day my nitrites still 0.4, nitrates is 5ppm same as the previous days that my nitrites is on 0.2-0.4/nitrates 1-5ppm.

Now, Im still on cycle with fish in it and to protect them i run to my local pet store I told them what happen bla...bla..bla...They give me Seachem Prime Conditioner 100ml to detoxify my nitirites/nitrates/Ammonia. After 30mins my reading down to 0.1-0.2ppm which atleast fish are not stress.

Currently, its my first day of using Seachem Stability. Let see how this product will act in 7 days. I believe that cycling is about 4 to 6 weeks then it continue to mature till 6 months but as advertise why not give a try.

My suggestion, dont buy ATM Marine Colony its just a waste of money, if you have fish in day one for your cycling process buy seachen prime... I will update this review after 7 days if things went well.

However, If I can bring back yesterday I will do fishless cycle. First I will put shrimp in the tank as a source of Ammonia for 3 days or just buy ammonia and put some drop and have a reading of 2ppm and let it work....till you have reading of nitrites and nitrates... no need to check your reading every day...just wait...just check twice a week depend on what you prepare.

Re: ATM Marine Colony nitrifying Bacteria honest review!

Posted: Mon Sep 02, 2019 1:21 pm
by Mitch
Just an Update I did also used the Stability after 7 days my tank is not cycled yet...I therefore emailed the Tech Support and she told me that its 30 days or 6 weeks to cycled a tank. They recommend to use "Prime" which im currently using to detoxify Ammonia, nitrites, nitrates...its working so i dont have to worry about my fish health. Cycling a tank sometimes in just 3 days or week or 15 days but normally it takes 30days to 6 weeks she added.