Snap Shot - Anfinson 2005

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Snap Shot - Anfinson 2005

Mon Dec 17, 2018 11:11 pm

Snap Shot (Anfinson, 2005)

Back in 1999 this fearless athlete posed in this football picture. In the far distance below the cloudless sky stands an off-white stadium. Embedded in the center is large, cracked, blue, painted, letters that spell out BISON. Beneath the old stadium are rows of worn-out bleachers which are completely empty. Up in front stands the competitor down on one knee. As you observe more, the sport player is wearing a blue Bison jersey sporting the number 60. To the left above the freshly trimmed green grass that engulfs this player’s figure lays a football. In the center of the picture, you see her pale white face and dark brown eyes. Around these features you cannot help but notice the bronzed hair; which appears to be pulled back around this slender face. Her stern look shows how proud she is; nonetheless, all the confidence she carries on her padded up shoulders. This unique woman is not only elegant and brave; she is my sister, Margaret Eva Hoyt.

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