ENGL-111 Week 20: Second Quarter Exam

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ENGL-111 Week 20: Second Quarter Exam

Mon Mar 11, 2019 8:10 pm

Below are the Question and Answer for your review:

This compels the persuasive speaker to be unbiased and free from special interests
a. Selflessness

Sounds produced when two vowels are combined which results to a blended sound within a syllable.
c. Dipthongs

This body language communicates control, authority, and belief. Standing straight emphasizes confidence.
j. Posture

The four elements affect our self-concept behavior, attitudes, values, and beliefs.

According to Anne Miller, this is the core of language that surprises, grabs, informs, and persuades the readers as mere explanation will not.
b. Imagery

Who said this "A speech has two parts. Necessarily you stae your case, and you prove it"
a. Aristotle

This part of the speech preparation process includes defining your goal.
c. Choosing the topic

Too little may make you appear too rigid while too much may be to distracting and to theatrical for the audience
e. Arms and hands

There is only one type of speech and you can use it in all kinds of situations.

How high or low your tone is perceived.
b. Pitch

Speech preparation does not include an in depth research on information you will be using.

The act of causing people to do or believe in something
d. Persuasion

The loudness or softness of a sound.
c. Volume

These are created when air is not completely stopped but goes through with a hissing sound
b. Fricatives

This enables the audience to let the information sink in
c. Pause

This allows the speaker to make extraordinary meaning out of the mundane
c. Analogy

Casual speech is a form of speech we use when we communicate with people who are very close to us.

These are the windows to our soul. Unconscious movements may work agains the speaker
i. Eyes

How spoken words are arranged, alternating from stressed and unstressed elements
b. Rhythm

For compound nouns, where does the stress go?
a. First syllable

Attitudes are inborn.

Parts of the Introduction
a. Attention getter, significance, credibility, thesis statement, Review of main points, transition to first main point

[W] = WHY
d. Bilibial

This element is about creating an individual sound
j. Articulation

Factual persuasive speech is based on the question ____________
c. Is it true?

This speech requires preparation and a word-for-word delivery. Speaker can move about freely as the speaker can not use note cards nor manuscripts.
c. Memorized speech

This method cannot make use of note cards or manuscripts but it must be delivered word-for-word.
c. Memorized Speech

This element is about the clothes you choose to wear on specific events to convey a particular idea
e. Appearance

This part of the speech entails reviewing the main points.
b. Conclusion

Communicative competency and Communicative strategies are the same.

Audience analysis is important when preparing speeches.

Produced when the air passes through the nose and not the mouth.
b. Nasal

This is the ability to express and speak smoothly without difficulty in using the appropriate words.
d. Fluency

The final statement should also link back to the Intro.

Name the factors in creating the rhythm of a speech
d. pitch, volume, enunciation, and frequency

Parts of a speech
a. Introduction, Main body, Conclusion

This speech brings light to things that happened, what is happening, and about to happen to make audiences more conscious of that is happening or happened in our world
i. Speeech about events

The sound when there is an explosive release of air after it comes in contact with parts of the speech mechanism
e. Aspiration

This determines the length of speech.
j. Duration

This speech is delivered to entertain, to be enjoyed or to make the audience smile and relax.
e. Entertainment speech

This is where the voice box is located
b. Larynx

Consonants that sounds vowel-like. There is no friction made when making the sounds.
c. Semi-vowels

This refers to the speaker's credibility
c. Ethos

Are created when air is stopped in the center by the tip of the tongue against the alveolar ridge, while your breathe passes either one or both side of the tongue.
b. Lateral

There is no maximum or minimum length of speeches. It will depend on the purpose of the speech and the event where it will be used.

Being an effective speaker and communicator is something you inherit.

Object, process, event or concept are reasons why this kind of speech is given
h. Expository speech

Vocal cords are also vocal folds.


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