How to reduce fan noise from Bitmain Antminer Machine? S5, S7, S9, V9 etc

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How to reduce fan noise from Bitmain Antminer Machine? S5, S7, S9, V9 etc

Tue Mar 27, 2018 3:39 pm

Everyone is in the same question. How can I reduce the sound/noise from this industrial design unit to mine bitcoin?

Stock - Fan Config:

Product Name: Fan Antminer
Size: 118x118mmx38mm
Color: Black
Material: Plastic
Connector: 4 Pin
Voltage: DC 12 v
Current: 1.4 A
Power: 16.8 W
Volume: 160 CFM
Wind pressure: 0.883 IN H2O
Noise: 56.5 d - BA
Speed: 5000RPM

Datasheet can be downloaded:
(652.88 KiB) Downloaded 67 times

This question is in my head since they one - i order my miner unit.

I have some option that i will do, and let see which one is perfect for the Job

Option 1: Buy a silent type Fan. The problem here is - I can't find with similar rating.

Option 2: Put them into box. or StyroFoam cooler.

Option 3: Mineral Oil - i think this is messy and not maintenance friendly

Option 4: Silent Server Cabinet - a bit expensive - but for sure this will do the Job

Option 5: Refrigerator (Cooler) not the one with freezer - this could be the substitute to the Server cabinet.

Option 6: Put them outside. - not really a good Idea

Option 7: Buy Nordic 7000 - I already sent them mail and quoted me for 500 US dollar for 20 litters without shipping. They told me that i need to have an account with fedex or dhl. Hmmm-- let see! my company is happy to help me on this., But not for it right now. Maybe in the future. However the good thing with this liquid is that 100 percent sure you will not have any issued with your fan pwm and heat conductivity is very high too compare to oil - to be honest this is the best solution for liquid cooling as you don't need heatsink for your GPU or CPU / IC for asic machine

If you have guys a better option / solution - pm me/ comment. Thanks