Yclas Update 3.6.0 Issues

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Yclas Update 3.6.0 Issues

Sat Mar 09, 2019 8:26 am

Here are the following Issues on latest Update in 3.6.0 (Yclas/ Open Classified)

1. When you click Advertisement inside the CMS sometimes you'll see this error:
2019-03-09 12:22:35 --- ERROR: HTTP_Exception_500 [ 500 ]: Error while sending QUERY packet. PID=376496 ~ APPPATH/kohana/system/classes/Kohana/HTTP/Exception.php [ 17 ] in /home/public_html/oc/kohana/system/classes/Kohana/Request/Client/Internal.php:111
2019-03-09 12:23:49 --- ERROR: ErrorException [ 2 ]: Error while sending QUERY packet. PID=383098 ~ APPPATH/kohana/modules/database/classes/Kohana/Database/MySQLi.php [ 163 ] in /home/public_html/oc/kohana/system/classes/Kohana/Kohana/Exception.php:110
Only solution for now is to refresh and it will be back to normal

2. For the past years this error is not been solve. This are not in the old version of open classified though:
2019-03-09 00:16:07 --- ERROR: Kohana_Exception [ 0 ]: Not an image or invalid image: ~ APPPATH/kohana/modules/image/classes/Kohana/Image.php [ 112 ]
3. When you're using moderation to activate listing/ advertisement it takes too long before it comes activated. It's not happening on the previous version of Yclas 3.5.0

4. When you activate the advertisement or listing from moderation, most of the time you see this error:
Error while sending QUERY packet. PID=330549
It's been logged in Panel->Extra->Tools->Logs for more information regarding this error.
For now the only solution is to refresh and it's back to normal.
5. Forum text area is limit to few hundred of letters. It's not like that before. As well as the size of the text area is very small.

6. Regional - Languages. Only English is working. Other languages are not working at all.

7. Setting - Advertisement. When you click this error shows:
2019-03-09 13:12:33 --- ERROR: ErrorException [ 8 ]: Undefined index: banned_words_among ~ DOCROOT/themes/default/views/oc-panel/pages/settings/advertisement.php [ 372 ] in /home/public_html/oc/kohana/system/classes/Kohana/Kohana/Exception.php:110
Settings-Advertisement.png (82.02 KiB) Viewed 2217 times
8. The Translator is crap. It's hard for you to translate the other foreign language e.g. from english to arabic for example.

Please note that Yclas have no free support. You need to pay for the technical advice. I was using 4 premium accounts but my free support is finished from then i did not renew cox i found it rediculous to pay for simple support. Its okay if i find some issues that is made my mistake or i edit the program and I ruin it. But the problem is happen after the update. So therefore, they need to support the clients for this in order for them to solve the issue then its time if paid support is needed but instead they will not help you without paying them first.

In my case i hired local IT company to look after the issue and they help me with good support

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Re: Yclas Update 3.6.0 Issues

Sat Mar 09, 2019 7:55 pm

To Solve this issue.
7. Setting - Advertisement. When you click this error shows:

Do this:
Type http or https//example.com/update/database?from_version=(the version you want to re-install)

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