How to make Soldering Fume Extractor using Arduino?

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How to make Soldering Fume Extractor using Arduino?

Sat Mar 03, 2018 10:44 am

Automatic soldering fume Extractor

This is a breadboard prototype of an automatic soldering fume extractor. It is supposed to turn on the fans, when an MQ-2 gas sensor detects fumes and turn the fans off, when the air is clean again.

Wiring diagram (Click the Image to Inlarge):
Here is the .ino source code:

Code: Select all

// Digital pin 4 will be called 'fe' (short version of 'fume extractor')
int fe = 4;
// Analog pin 1 will be called 'sensor'
int sensor = A1;
// Set the initial sensorValue to 0
int sensorValue = 0;

// The setup routine runs once when you press reset
void setup() {
  // Initialize the digital pin 4 (named 'fe') as output
  pinMode(fe, OUTPUT);

// The loop routine runs over and over again forever
void loop() {
  // Read the input from analog pin 0 (named 'sensor')
  sensorValue = analogRead(sensor);
  // If sensorValue is greater than 570
  if (sensorValue > 570) {
    // Activate the 'fe' pin - the fume extractor will turn on and the blue LED will light up
    digitalWrite(fe, HIGH);
  else {
    // Deactivate the 'fe' pin - the fume extractor and the blue LED will turn off
    digitalWrite(fe, LOW);
    delay (500);



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