Digital IC Tester using Arduino Mega SDK

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Digital IC Tester using Arduino Mega SDK

Thu Mar 23, 2017 8:23 pm

This a prototype IC tester that is highly capable, highly reliable as well as cost-effective. Here, we develop a program with different functions for checking different ICs.
Was used to test the following ICs successfully: 4000, 4001, 4002, 4011, 4012, 4023, 4025, 4029, 4030, 4049, 4050, 4068, 4069, 4070, 4071, 4072, 4073, 4075, 4077, 4081, 4082, 4093, 5408, 5409, 5411, 5421, 5479, 7266, 7400, 7401, 7402, 7403, 7404, 7405, 7408, 7409, 7410, 7411, 7412, 7414, 7420, 7421, 7427, 7430, 7432, 7473, 7474, 7476, 7478, 7479, 7486, 74132 and 74393.

The number of supported ICs can be enhanced with the incorporation of new functions and libraries to the program. As ATmega2560 MCU has 256kB of flash memory, a program for very large number of ICs can be uploaded. (Please share if you made an updated tester/program to help others too).
Circuit diagram of the digital IC tester.jpg
Unlike a typical IC tester, this device provides many useful features to its user. Nokia 5110 display panel and a 15-key keypad were used in this device for designing a suitable user interface, which enables the truth table exhibition possible.

Users can find help on the testing procedure. While entering the inputs (for example, IC number and time interval), they can clear the digits if entered incorrectly and re-enter the correct ones. Truth tables for each individual gate can be paused for better observation and can be skipped for saving time. There is feasibility of reproducing the previous stage (for re-entering the data) without resetting the device.
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16MHz of processing speed makes the time response of this IC tester pretty good. No time-lag is observed while accepting data from the keypad and displaying information over the LCD panel. In case of auto-search, this prototype takes about 0.5 seconds on an average to detect the IC. All these features make this device powerful and user-friendly. A comparison of its features and specifications with two other branded IC testers (DICT-02 (Brand: Kitek) and Leaper-1A (Brand: Leap)) is shown in Table I.
Different Functions.jpg
Source Code: Can be downloaded --> Here <--
Layout can be Downloaded: --> Here <--

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Re: Digital IC Tester using Arduino Mega SDK

Mon Apr 02, 2018 4:00 pm per my knowledge Digital IC detection was the easy part, analog IC’s offer a complication that far exceeds anything you have here. The Ic’s this device can test have been all but phased out in favor of the logic of cheap microcontrollers. Granted, the digital chips are still used in a minimal way, as support to microcontrollers, to extend their abilities. They are mostly all SO, devices, that are more difficult to test, and so cheap that the cost of a device to test them, plus the time required to test it.

quick-turn pcb assembly
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Re: Digital IC Tester using Arduino Mega SDK

Fri Apr 06, 2018 8:57 am

indeed...and thanks for the info :)



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