Quadraphonic Amplifier

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Quadraphonic Amplifier

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Such an amplifier can be used in mono-, stereo-, quadro-phony, or for audio effects, mixing audio signals, or as small public announcement systems, small audio distribution systems, low-power amplifiers for electrical instruments, noise distribution systems, audio line drivers, bridged and paralleled audio amplifiers, and so on.

For these and similar purposes, we need a multi-channel audio amplifier. In many cases the required power per channel is in the range 0.3W to 1W. Also, preferably, the audio amplifier should be capable of working on a battery,
Car accumulator or simple 1A to 2A wall adaptor. To keep this quadraphonic amplifier using LM386 simple and inexpensive, it does not have tone control potentiometers.

IC1-IC4 - LM386 power amplifier
LED1 - 5mm LED
Resistors (all 1/4-watt, ±5% ):
R1, R5, R9, R13 - 1-kilo-ohm
R2, R6, R10, R14 - 10-ohm
R3, R7, R11, R15 - 180-ohm
R4, R8, R12, R16 - 20-ohm
R17 - 2.2-kilo-ohm
VR1-VR4 - 10-kilo-ohm preset
C1, C4, C9, C12,
C17, C20, C25, C28 - 10μF, 25V electrolytic
C2, C10, C18, C26 - 220pF ceramic
C3, C11, C19, C27 - 10μF, 35V electrolytic
C5, C13, C21, C29 - 33nF ceramic disk
C6, C14, C22, C31,
C34 - 100nF ceramic disk
C7, C15, C23, C30 - 100μF, 25V electrolytic
C8, C16, C24, C32 - 470μF, 25V electrolytic
C33 - 1000μF, 25V electrolytic
CON1-CON4 - 2-pin connector
CON9 - 2-pin connector terminal
- 9V DC/9V battery
CON5-CON8 - 3-pin connector terminal
F1 - 1A fuse
- 8-ohm, 1W loudspeakers
- Headphones



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