How To Link To An Email Address from your page or post?

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How To Link To An Email Address from your page or post?

Sat Sep 22, 2018 8:50 am

An active link to an email address can be added to your blog similar to linking to a website. When you link to a website, the website URL includes http:// before the address. For instance:

If you want to link to an email address, however, you will use mailto: instead of http:// before your address.

In the URL field, enter the email address with the mailto: as:

To link to an email address in the blog's sidebar
Typepad has a default Email Me module which can be added to your blog at Design > Content.

However, you may want to use the Embed Your Own HTML module to add a custom link if you want to use a different email address or just include different text in your link. Below is an example of the code you can use to display a custom email link in your sidebar:
We want to hear from you! <a href=" Feedback is Awesome">Send me an email.</a>
Once you have configured the code for your email link, go to Design > Content, select Embed Your Own HTML, and click Add This Module. Enter the code in the pop-up box and click OK. After rearranging your content, click Save Changes to update your blog.

I hope this will help guys...

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