How to connect facebook login in phpbb 3.1?

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How to connect facebook login in phpbb 3.1?

Mon Jul 04, 2016 6:45 am

How to connect phpbb3.1 on facebook login?

Please note that only login with facebook, However you cannot or the user can't register using facebook on 3.1

Okay first, you have to create facebook account in order to create a secret number that were going to install on acp.

Go to> on top right on your screen click my apps, if dont' have create one
-->sidebar in your left choose product--> use website-->facebook login-->when you already in the settings --> category -choose communication
-->then save--> make sure that your application is available to the public otherwise it will not work.

when your done go to your board and ---> go to general--> left sidebar authentication-->select Oauth--> below--> enter your id and key--> save and your done.

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